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edgeio Keith Teare, Web 2.0

edgeio launches “instant listings”

The product manager at edgeio, Matt Kaufman, has been working hard with the engineering team since the launch to support instant listings on edgeio. Last night they pushed the first release. Now all you have to do is enter the url of your blog on the edgeio home page and you can add any item to edgeio without having to go through the ping server and rss feed notification process. This makes the addition instant. Here is a screen shot. This uses crunchnotes.com as the blog and edgeio displays the recent posts. The first one is checked “add to edgeio”

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edgeio Strategy Web 2.0

Teare’s theorem: The first law of RSS (updated)

Umair has a post about why the “Rise of the Edge“? is something highly disruptive to orthodox Internet companies. In “Umair Rocks”? Fred Wilson says he wants to understand better what Umair means here, and plans to spend the time doing so. For me the key is to comprehend that “the edge”? is a concept that only makes sense in a networked world. In a network “the edge”? is “the people”?. And “the edge”? plays the role of both subject (consumers) and object (creators).Blogs are a great example of the edge. Multi-player gaming is another example. Of course the edge

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Archimedes Labs Google Strategy Web 2.0

Google launched Dbase, circa 1985, but with less functionality.

Google launched GoogleBase last night. What a disappointment. Whilst Google Reader clearly points to somebody at Google “getting” the importance of edge published content and real-time indexing, GoogleBase is a throw back. Basically a dumb flat-file database system for the world to throw content into. It’s actually embarrasing for the whole of Silicon Valley. I know insiders who desperately do not want their name associated with it. Can’t say I blame them. Not to be abusive but why would millions of people who run web sites, and databases, and blogs, suddenly feed stuff into GoogleBase (an act of duplicating their

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Web 2.0

Microsoft announcing “Live” software and http://www.live.com is live

A website – http://www.live.com – just went live. Bill Gates is keynoting and Mike Arrington, Dave Winer and Dan Farber are blogging. I was just messing about and tried live.com. Wow! I think Microsoft is about to launch live.com as an MSN replacement? Check it out.. Later.. not an MSN replacement. A complementary service. Ad funded. And there is more. Check this out. Windows Live is the new moniker.

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An Awesome web 2.0 post

Fred Wilson has an awesome post covering what is novel and new about web 2.0. Posting, subscribing and tagging are all discussed. Fred’s views mirror entirely what Mike and myself are discussing at Archimedes Ventures, and a little in public at TechCrunch. We have also experimented a little at EarningsCast. Try a search for the tag “earningscast” at Technorati – here . We have a major project close to beta that embeds this philosophy deep within it’s genes. Fred, we love ya man!

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OK, after a long debate with myself I have switched on feedburner. Main reason I have abandoned my own feeds and replaced them with feedburner – Stats. It’s great to know how many subscribers I have and what they are clicking on. Nuff Said. The new feed is http://feeds.feedburner.com/KeithTearesWeblog I have auto-redirected the old one.

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Internet Web 2.0

Podtech.net launched

John Furrier has launched PodTech.net. It is described by John and his team as : “Fresh Voices of Silicon Valley, Technology, and Mediaâ€? The initial podcasts are from inside Barracuda Networks and Yahoo!. Here’s wishing John all the best. He is one of the most creative people I have worked with. I hope he hits this one out of the park – like his Redsox did last year. Here is John’s first post explaining Podtech.net: “Develop New Relationships with Users – with Transparent Marketing PodTech.net was inspired by the notion of putting out valuable information as a utility for users

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