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  • Technology Blog Valuations – Getting to be Real!

    Update 2:Rafat has a comment to this post pointing out that by just looking at I am doing the valuation of ContentNext a disservice. Of course he is quite right. ContentNext has other sites and also events. It is also true to say – although Rafat doesn’t – that valuation has many variables, including…

  • Techcrunch founder Michael Arrington is even more famous

    Fred Vogelstein from Wired has written a really good profile of TechCrunch and Michael Arrington. It manages to capture the Mike that I know and love. The profile starts out with the story of 3 Dutch entrepreneurs descending on Mikes house at 10am one Tuesday morning, wearing white suits and carrying a latte and a…

  • TechCrunch20 web site goes live

    It seems like a long time ago that Jason Calcannis and Mike Arrington announced their intention to host a conference for startups in the fall. It was at the DEMO conference at the start of the year. Well ….. TechCrunch20 is now real and today the web site went live with more details of the…

  • Its true – TechCrunch and F***edCompany to do press release tonight.

    Another deal I have had to keep under wraps….. Techcrunch and F***edCompany are set to release news of a merger tonight at around 9pm Pacific Time. Mike has blogged it early due to rumors circulating on the web. Techmeme has it here.

  • It is true. Heather Harde is new TechCrunch CEO

    Om Malik has the scoop but this is something I have been keeping under my hat for several weeks. Heather Harde, former Fox Interactive Media executive, responsible for Mergers and Acquisitions, is to be the new CEO of TechCrunch. ———————————————————————- UPDATE Mike has now confirmed the news here. ———————————————————————- Heather was a key figure in…

  • TechCrunch 7

    I atternded the Techcrunch 7 party on Friday. Mike – great party! Here is the video I made: [youtube] Lots of discussion here

  • An Awesome web 2.0 post

    Fred Wilson has an awesome post covering what is novel and new about web 2.0. Posting, subscribing and tagging are all discussed. Fred’s views mirror entirely what Mike and myself are discussing at Archimedes Ventures, and a little in public at TechCrunch. We have also experimented a little at EarningsCast. Try a search for the…

  • Google adds RSS to Personalized homepage

    This is a screen dump of my Google personalized home page. Note the Techcrunch and Earningscast modules on the top right. These are the result of adding their respective RSS feeds to Google. Cool!