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Startups: Telling Your Story with Numbers

… nailing Unit Economics This post was first published on the Crunchbase blog. Every startup begins as an idea. And as a founder, your idea needs a powerful story that wins the support of two key audiences: The customer. The story to a potential customer is all about what product or service you offer them, why they should care, how and when you plan to deliver it, and at what price. The investor. The story to an investor is simply how the money they give you will grow into more value, how fast and how big. It is also why you

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Zuck, What the Fuck! — Rebuttal — a follow up

    On Saturday I published a story on Medium called “Dear Zuck, What the Fuck” — https://medium.com/@kteare/dear-zuck-fuck-84d9c1bdba26#.8mm0qbhhz. 3 Readers at Hacker News flagged the article as spam or link bait — “This is clearly just marketing spam” (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11465528), — others described it as an accusation related to merely the look of FB Messenger and pointed out that this look is common to many apps, including iMessage and others that pre-date chat.center — “His first example is basically saying “you copied us since we both look like iMessage”. (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11463349). These comments miss the point. Of course, because this is the internet, there are links in my

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Dear Zuck, Fuck!

I hope you don’t mind me calling you Zuck. We barely know each other, although I did once bump into you whilst walking in College Terrace in Palo Alto. The thing is, Mark feels too familiar, and Mr Zuckerburg way too formal. Besides I am a veteran entrepreneur and you are way younger than me so Mr feels, you know, a bit much. Zuck feels just about right, and the good thing is it rhymes with fuck! — which is really pertinent given what I am about to say. Well, Zuck, it seems as if your Messenger team has been closely watching what

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