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  • Technology Blog Valuations – Getting to be Real!

    Update 2:Rafat has a comment to this post pointing out that by just looking at I am doing the valuation of ContentNext a disservice. Of course he is quite right. ContentNext has other sites and also events. It is also true to say – although Rafat doesn’t – that valuation has many variables, including…

  • Google Acquired YouTube – Here’s the Call

    When Google acquired YouTube in a $1.65bn deal, made the call available via podcast. Here it is:

  • Building to sell?

    Paid Content has an item today that comments on having gotton an investment from a group of notables, including Esther Dyson, Mark Andreesson and others its here. At the bottom of the piece, following a reminder that some of these investors were also in Flickr – recently sold to Yahoo, is the following commment:…