Stunning new Digital Video Cameras

One of my hobbies is photography. I have a Canon 5D Mk II. It makes great pictures and also awesome videos. Check out for examples.

Now the world of video is beginning to respond to the arrival of DSLR cameras that can do great video. There are three recent entrants into the space. They all significantly reduce the price point of awesome video. In order of release they are:

1. The Panasonic AG-AF100
2. The Sony PMW-F3
3. The Sony NEX FS-100

Here are samples of each:

AG-AF100 test – Poi girl in Union Square, NYC from Sandy Chase on Vimeo.

SONY PMW-F3 :: shots from FilmesDaMente on Vimeo.

NEX FS 100 Video Blog from Den & James on Vimeo.

Keith Teare, Michael Arrington and Jean-Marie Hullot – 1999-2002. On fotonauts.

fotonauts released a new build of the Mac beta today and it got me to playing with it again. It can now access Facebook files and also file system based images. It already had iPhoto, Aperture, Picasa and Flickr.

So, here is a memory jogger. this is an album of RealNames related people and events between 1998 and 2002.

Wow! Mike looks young. And so does Jean-Marie. As for me. I look pretty much the same :-(. But what great memories. And now shared… 🙂

Notable faces:

Gené McPherson, Jim Strawbridge, Rob Reid, Griffin Golamco, Barbara Gore, Nicolas Popp, Bruce Ong, Ted West, Amy Katch, Jeff Stephenson, Rob Bowman, Rusty Baker, The DARNAPSNPS Whieboard (our business plan), Mary Burnside, Terri Holbrooke, Alan Marcum, John Dowd, Greg Ott, Yves Arrouye, and many others….

Leave a comment if I missed you out.

Marc Canter is on a roll

I just looked at my WordPress dashboard and noticed that Marc Canter had linked to me. Curious, I clicked to see what Marc (who is always interesting) had been up to.

Wow! What a nice surprise. Not only did he describe me as one of the:

Major players and people to watch and listen to:

which is always great for the ego :-).

But he has written an awesome series of posts about the emerging trends in data, architecture, and users.

Here is the post I read first, but it is part of a series entitled “How to build the Mesh”.

I won’t repeat Marc’s lengthy discussion here, just to say – go and read it.

Part 1 is Social Graphs and Groups
Part 2 is Persistent, Ubiquitous Content
Part 3 is Shared Structured Content Servers

Part 4 is on the way.

Marc is not only, together with Chris Messina and Tantek Çelik, a really focused advocate of open, user-centric, web services. He is also a brutally honest, yet nice, guy.

fotonauts and me

I am getting inundated with requests for more information about Jean-Marie Hullot’s new startup fotonauts. Mike Arrington has a post up on Techcrunch that speculates about the company.

Mike rightly states that I am going to play a role in the company, and also that there is, indeed, a company. The technical team is in Paris as Mike states. I will be remaining in Palo Alto.

Aside from that I cannot say anything at this point. The company will not be announcing any products for a few months. And we will not be pre-announcing what we are doing.

However …. it is awesome and exciting 🙂

end of an era, start of another

Earlier today I posted on the edgeio blog the news that the transition of edgeio to its new owners – Looksmart and – is complete from my point of view. I continue to believe that edge-published classifieds will one day be a large advertising opportunity, and sooner rather than later.

The edgeio web site will go silent for a while until Looksmart integrates it into their ad platform. has already gone live with the real estate assets they acquired.

As for me. i am playing with a few things:

1. I have office space at 654 High in Palo Alto, through 31 August. If you have a pre-funded startup and want help, ding me. I can help.

2. I am playing with vertically specific social media., and are VERY early implementations of some thinking I am doing about supporting people who are highly focused on specific interests to remove noise and allow higher productivity within their interest area. If this is an area that interests you, again, ping me.

3. I am working with my friend Jean-Marie Hullot again (he and I co-founded RealNames). He and his team in Paris (France) have been working in stealth on an awesome concept for 2 years. Later this year I will help bring it to market. Can’t say any more. but I am in Paris Mon-Thurs, and London Friday this week if anybody wants to get together. My cell is +1-650-704-2674.

4. I am working with a bunch of startups – Spotplex; Real Time Matrix; Snipperoo; It is great to work with entrepreneurs on early stage products.

5. I continue to be involved with Mike at TechCrunch. I can’t believe how amazing its growth and influence is. Very exciting! Very Mike!

So that’s my update. I’m on Twitter quite a bit if you want to follow me –

Techcrunch founder Michael Arrington is even more famous

Fred Vogelstein from Wired has written a really good profile of TechCrunch and Michael Arrington. It manages to capture the Mike that I know and love.

The profile starts out with the story of 3 Dutch entrepreneurs descending on Mikes house at 10am one Tuesday morning, wearing white suits and carrying a latte and a croissant.

They have posted their own version of events here and also a video embedded below:

Techmeme is following the discussion.

I have to own up to the fact that it was my suggestion that the guys go and wake Mike up (they had missed seeing him the previous evening). The latte and croissant was my idea too. But I was not foolish enough to accompany them. Waking Mike up before his body naturally rises is not my idea of a good thing to do.

Sorry guys 🙂