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  • Do You Believe in Magic?

    Do You Believe in Magic?

    Content The Believers The Non-Believers Heard in Silicon Valley Startup of the Week Tweet of the Week Editorial This week sees the parting of the ocean, perhaps somewhat appropriate for the Passover weekend. On the one side the believers, believing in startups, Bitcoin as an energy store and an investment-grade asset, Remote digital events, Medium…

  • Leaderboard of US Micro VCs

    Data See below for a ranked leaderboard of US Micro VC’s. See below for a ranked leaderboard of US Micro VC’s. You can organize it by City, or just see the ranked list. I began working on this idea as far back as 2014. It is based on 10 years of funding data through August…

  • Story Telling for Startups

    Startup Story Telling Andrew Keen has a new startup in development – This video is our first attempt to leverage the approach explained in “Story Telling For Startups” to help him tell the story of – the first attempt Andrew Keen has a new startup in development – This video is…

  • Got Quoted in the Wall Street Journal

    Got Quoted in the Wall Street Journal. That doesn’t happen every day! 🙂 Here it is: “The funding of mobile first companies will increase significantly.” — Keith Teare, general partner, Archimedes Labs

  • Stunning new Digital Video Cameras

    One of my hobbies is photography. I have a Canon 5D Mk II. It makes great pictures and also awesome videos. Check out for examples. Now the world of video is beginning to respond to the arrival of DSLR cameras that can do great video. There are three recent entrants into the space. They…

  • Keith Teare, Michael Arrington and Jean-Marie Hullot – 1999-2002. On fotonauts.

    fotonauts released a new build of the Mac beta today and it got me to playing with it again. It can now access Facebook files and also file system based images. It already had iPhoto, Aperture, Picasa and Flickr. So, here is a memory jogger. this is an album of RealNames related people and events…

  • Marvel Cease and Desist to TechCrunch

    As the man says – “Unbelieveable”! Marvel lawyers have sent a cease and desist to TechCrunch on the plans to show Iron Man for $1 a seat – tomorrow in San Francisco.   What – gives? Play the video and see. You can leave video comments here (click on the Seesmic link in the comments)

  • Dave McClure’s Web 2.0 Expo Slides

    I’m a big fan of Dave McClure’s approach to product marketing. Today he gave a talk and led a discussion at Web 2.0 Expo. His slides are below. Andrew Chen has a good follow up | View | Upload your own

  • Marc Canter is on a roll

    I just looked at my WordPress dashboard and noticed that Marc Canter had linked to me. Curious, I clicked to see what Marc (who is always interesting) had been up to. Wow! What a nice surprise. Not only did he describe me as one of the: Major players and people to watch and listen to:…

  • Slideshow of the day – Yeah!

    I just got this email from Slideshare: It is based on a post I did yesterday to You can check it out here: Slideshare Here’s the homepage.