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  • Founder Superpowers | Basis Set Ventures

    ‍ Every venture capitalist looks for strong founders, but what makes a founder strong is open for debate. With limited time to interact with founders before making decisions, investors often over-index on potential signals like age, school, technical credentials and experience. Source: Founder Superpowers | Basis Set Ventures

  • Deal Breakers, Part 2: A Red Flag List from Top VCs

    Product Related “Companies where the product isn’t already awesome” — When a founder says they now need to hire a designer, red flags are going off. Quite a few well-known investors have been quoted stating that “UX is built into great products from the beginning.” Although that is a popular opinion, most VCs will also…

  • Deal Breakers, Part 1: A Red Flag List from Top VCs

    Founder Related and Quirky Red Flags You send someone else to do your meeting with investors — Not really sure why this would ever happen for an early stage company. The Founder needs to be able to sell a vision in order to be successful and by having someone else represent them in a meeting…