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  • edgeio has announced the paid content platform. Distributed Commerce meets Web 2.0

    Press release for download Product Description given to Gnomedex Attendees News from the Web on this: Digg – here Techmeme – here and here ReadWrite web – here TechCrunch – here Venturebeat – here Gnomedex – here Jeff Jarvis – here Dan Farber – ZDNet – here Rob Hof at BusinessWeek – here –…

  • PC Forum

    I’m at PC Forum this week. Monday saw the pitches of 9 startups (including edgeio) Here is the movie of their 2 minute infommercials.

  • edgeio

    I have been gratified to see all the coverage about edgeio since I demo’d it last week at SDForum’s Search SIG, and Rob Hof’s first post. Everybody seems to like the concept. You can track the discussion here and here. Mike posted on Techcrunch and on the edgeio blog. For those who like to know…