Year: 2010

  • Looking at Sovereign Debt

    I am in Heathrow on my way to Cape Town for the World Cup. Sitting in the lounge I was watching Japan v Cameroon on the TV and, as the game was boring, began to read the Independent newspaper. Then this graphic caught my attention.

  • After Chirp, is Twitter related investing still smart?

    Robert Scoble cornered Ron Conway in the hallway at the Chirp conference yesterday and in the aftermath of Twitter acquiring Tweetie, and announcing their own URL shortening service, asked the big question. Is it still sensible to invest in companies seeking to expand or enhance the use of Twitter in some way? Ron is unequivocal…

  • Popular Science Mag implements Mag+ vision Mag+ live with Popular Science+ from Bonnier on Vimeo. No comment really. I do think video and audio are missing from this vision, but it is a great first step.


    Many of you will be familiar with the project I have been incubating over the past 18 months or so. It is predicated on two ideas. One is the trend (now almost complete) of the deportalization of internet content. The second is the success of companies like Glam Media and Sugar Publishing is proving…

  • Internet and TV, are we at the tipping point?

    Walt Mossberg today reviewed a couple of new technologies that allow you to beam video from a PC to a TV wirelessly. Pretty cool, but IMHO there is not a big demand for this. More interesting is the discussion about whether we are at the tipping point between TV and the internet, where more and…