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fotopedia launches

Jean-Marie Hullot and Gilles Samoun have – today – launched fotopedia.com. It is the culmination of the work done by the fotonauts team over the past 2 years.

fotopedia is both a web site and an optional downloadable client. At launch the web site brings together awesome images covering more than 4500 subjects. It allows those who download the client to create encyclopedia pages for subjects of their choice, or to add images to the already existing encyclopedia pages. Users vote for their favorite images (either on the web site or in the client). Each subject is produced dynamically from the votes of the contributors and the users and will likely change over time.

The subject pages bind to Wikipedia content for the same subject.

Here is one I did earlier, for Manchester United. I am using the embeddable widget feature to put it here on my blog.

fotopedia brings to the Internet the photographic equivalent of what Wikipedia did for text. It is inclusive and community driven. And above all else it is beautiful.

Disclosure: I am a shareholder in fotopedia…and I am very biased. But it truly is wonderful.

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