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Digital, Life, Design (DLD 2009) in Munich

I flew out from San Francisco to Munich on Friday night. Arrived well after a great Lufthansa flight. It was nice to bump into friends and acquaintances on the flight (Barney Pell from Powerset [now part of Microsoft], Chris Shipley from the Guidewire Group, Gary Bolles from Xigi, Robert Goldberg from Crossroads Ventures and Don Levy from Sony Pictures Digital production.

We had mostly all slept on the flight and it was 6pm when we landed so there was only one option – drink and eat until tired :-). The Augustiner Beer Hall served the purpose well.

The first day of DLD has just finished. Some very good panels. The highlight was Esther Dyson accepting an award from Hubert Burda for her contribution to the industry over many years. Esther flew in from her cosmonaut training in Star City, Russia to receive the award.

Great fun. Here is the fotonauts album of DLD. Feel free to add to it.


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