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Keith Teare, realnames

Keith Teare, Michael Arrington and Jean-Marie Hullot – 1999-2002. On fotonauts.

fotonauts released a new build of the Mac beta today and it got me to playing with it again. It can now access Facebook files and also file system based images. It already had iPhoto, Aperture, Picasa and Flickr.

So, here is a memory jogger. this is an album of RealNames related people and events between 1998 and 2002.

Wow! Mike looks young. And so does Jean-Marie. As for me. I look pretty much the same :-(. But what great memories. And now shared… 🙂


Notable faces:

Gené McPherson, Jim Strawbridge, Rob Reid, Griffin Golamco, Barbara Gore, Nicolas Popp, Bruce Ong, Ted West, Amy Katch, Jeff Stephenson, Rob Bowman, Rusty Baker, The DARNAPSNPS Whieboard (our business plan), Mary Burnside, Terri Holbrooke, Alan Marcum, John Dowd, Greg Ott, Yves Arrouye, and many others….

Leave a comment if I missed you out.

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