Facebook has a problem with pictures of Breast feeding?

It seems that Facebook has taken issue with pictures of women breast feeding their children. As a dad of 3 young boys and a photographer I know first hand that the breast-feeding picture is one of the first a new parent takes. Either somebody at Facebook has made a silly error of judgment, or the place is run by pre-parents who find breasts to be only sexual objects. (OK I’m joking about the latter, but still, this is ridiculous).

As a contribution to the protest that has broken out I have created an album on fotonuats that is entirely open to others to add pictures to. Below is a widget showing the current pictures. You can get a copy of it here – http://www.fotonauts.com/albums/00636fa0-9cdf-4990-ba19-05d0ca7d0728 – just pull down the actions drop-down and make your own widget.

Please do so and put it on your own web site.

If you want to add images to the album get accepted to the fotonauts beta process here – http://www.fotonauts.com/about/invite, download the application and drag your own images into the album.


Here is the discussion from the web:






2 responses to “Facebook has a problem with pictures of Breast feeding?”

  1. Shelly Wells Avatar
    Shelly Wells

    Beautiful photos. I wish I had taken more photos.

  2. Sara Avatar

    Is this for groups all over facebook or just that one group who makes a game of seeing how far they can test Facebook and the report feature? That group isn’t exactly the nicest group of people and they’re pretty much a joke now considering the attitudes and snarky behavior a lot of them have toward anyone who things differently from them.

    I used to be a part of that group until I grew fed up with the immaturity of some of these other mothers. I thought the group was for support and hints and tips but it’s mostly just instigating and people trying to think up ways to ruin Facebook. Then when some of them get banned or suspended from the site for their poor behavior, some of the others complain to facebook and act as though they never instigated anything! Very sad. I honestly don’t know how some of these people can be so negative and nasty when they should be celebrating their healthy happy babies.

    Dr. P Rapoport, Facebook has never claimed that women’s breasts are always obscene and pornographic and harmful to children. Facebook actually DOES support breastfeeding, try taking a look at other facebook breastfeeding pages and not just the one at the top of the list for once. You guys instigate facebook and other users constantly and then wonder why you get in trouble when caught. There have been discussions on that breastfeeding group where they talk and giggle about how they can instigate Facebook and post as many graphic photos as they can to see what happens, THEN they complain when the photos are removed. Why should we all take a group like that seriously when there are plenty of other groups who have breastfeeding photos complete with nipple showing, who have nice quiet pleasant groups and are civil to each other and actually help others?

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