fotonauts in the wild

In spite of Mike banning us from competing for any of the prizes at TechCrunch50 (due to my shareholding in both TechCrunch and fotonauts and so a perceived conflict of interest) Jean-Marie Hullot, David Rosenblatt and I had a great time at the event last week. We showed the world fotonauts for the first time, launching the private beta of the Mac and Windows application and the web service. To top it all CNet (which had no conflict) put us in the top ten companies from both TechCrunch50 and DEMO.

You can see Jean-Marie’s 8 minute presentation, sign up to be invited to the private beta and read the press coverage: here.

But, perhaps more exciting than all of that, we just released the widget publishing element of fotonauts into the wild. Joi Ito was the first to go live with it on his blog – here and here.

In honor of the moment, here is Joi’s experimental FreeSouls widget. In the spirit of the fotonauts project, all pictures are creative commons licensed and so I can re-produce them here for your viewing pleasure.

And here is my experimental TechCrunch50 Album:

We have many thousands of requests to be invited to the private beta – thank you – and we expect to start releasing invites during October. I’ll get more precise as the exact dats become clear.


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