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Month: January 2007


Google Q1 2007 Earnings Call

Earningscast has Google’s 2007 Q1 earnings call (covering 2006 Q4 revenues). The GOOG did $3.2 billion in revenues. Awesome. http://www.earningscast.com/goog-q1-2007-earnings-call/ http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-1431753731883996412&hl=en Discussion: Blogging Stocks Om Malik Paul Kedrosky Techmeme Discussion Here, Here, and Here PaidContent.Org Rob Hof at BusinessWeek

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announcement edgeio

edgeio pre-launches “listings boards”

I have just posted a full announcement on the edgeio blog that we are about to launch a commerce platform called edgeio marketplaces. You can read about it and join up for the beta at http://marketplaces.edgeio.com. In a nutshell it is attempting to make the process of creating revenue carrying features as simple for a small web site as it currently is for the big guys. The first product on the platform is “Listings Boards”. This will make it possible for any web site owner to create any kind of listings board and decide what to charge to list on

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