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edgeio Search,

edgeio – is becoming a search engine, for “stuff”

Over at the edgeio blog I have posted the first insight into where we are going with edgeio search. It has been about 9 months since we launched edgeio.

We now have a dedicated search team and this is their first push. It is not yet perfect but it is a vast improvement on what was there before (also significantly better than Googlebase search – which is a primary comparison for us).

As the post says we have decided to go with the flow to some extent. Many listings based sites are uploading their listings to edgeio and we are providing search traffic back to them. We are being used as a listings search service by companies with listings and by users looking for listings. A “search engine for stuff” if you will.

Based on our experience there seems to be demand for a search engine that indexes actual items/services/offers/wants/needs. edgeio wants to become that. Try a google search for “Sony Vaio” and compare it to an edgeio search. We show “stuff” (Sony Vaio’s actually) and they show sites about stuff, but no “stuff”. That’s the opening we see. Clearly Googlebase is focused there also, but it is clear that the complexities of owning google.com and its algorithm clash with the need for Googlebase to have its data seen. edgeio actually does better on Google than Googlebase (see examples below).

Let me know what you think. Our first search algorithm is live on edgeio.com now. We have a lot more to do (we know) but its a good first step.


Oh and as promised here are some examples of edgeio’s Google performance. Basically, a secondary effect of the way edgeio is being used is that we have improved rank on google.com for searches that we have lots of listings for. The effect of this is that our listing partners get more traffic. As our listings grow, from thousands of publishers (currently about 6000) that trend should continue.

Here are some Google searches to show that:

2001 Autos
2002 Autos
2003 Autos
2004 Autos
Resale Homes By Owner
Upper East Side Condo
Upper West Side Condo
Lobbyist Jobs
Babysitter Silverthorne

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