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Teare Family,

2006 FIFA World Cup

Yahoo has launched the official 2006 FIFA World Cup site at http://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com. It’s an awesome news site. Although I suspect ESPN’s Soccernet Site runs it close here

Meanwhile, Archimedes Ventures (disclosure – that’s me) has launched The Soccer Channel. Over time we plan to evolve it into a soccer super site, covering all of the primary leagues in the world. It’s core is Drupal, which means it has blogs, stories, forums, and collaborative book writing. Think of it as the Fans site. Not mainly for news but for views. You can post text, pictures, video objects from Youtube, and file attachments too. Enjoy!

As of today it is fairly empty (just launched) but by June 9th expect coverage of every team, every game and lots of discussion from Fans. Feel free to join and help kick it off.

Oh, it’s free and there are no ads.


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