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New edgeio features to launch tonight

I am pleased to report that edgeio is going to launch some new features tonight. I have posted details on the edgeio corporate blog. The features will go live some time after midnight Pacific time.

One of the things we heard loud and clear is that many want to publish listings on a blog but do not want them to be part of their primary blog. So, now you can have a listings blog hosted by edgeio. It’s free and it allows you to put free listings into edgeio and all of the sites that edgeio syndicates its listings to in the future.

We also heard that many do not want to have to deal with the idiosyncracies of ping servers and tagging. Especially from those who have blogs on hosting platforms with poor support for tagging. So now we allow you to simply type your URL into the edgeio hime page and choose your listings from a list of posts on your blog.

Thirdly we have added Tagclouds. Try clicking on the number of cities listed on the edgeio home page. Or the “more” link at the end of each top level category on the edgeio home page.

Finally, there are now instructions (linked from the home page) to those who like to publish into edgeio via their RSS feed about how to do so and take full advantage of a feature we call the “edgeio control language” or ECL.

There is a lot more coming from us in the not too distant future. We are committed to evolving the system in real time and in full public view. if you have opinions please email feedback@edgeio.com.

Rob Hof has a piece about the new features. And there are already others, posted below:

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