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Year: 2006

Internet Strategy Web 2.0

I’ve been “tagged”

As the title says I have been tagged by Dave Winer. The rules say I now have to tell you 5 things you didn’t know about me and then tag five others. So, here goes: 1. I am currently in St James, Cape Town, S Africa. It is a small area between Muizenberg and Fish Hoek (see map). 2. I own a home here – on Jacobs ladder. 3. My wife is South African – Gené McPherson. Born in Jo’burg. Her parents and one of her sisters live in Cape Town today. Gené was a co-founder of Cyberia [free subscription

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Features Internet Strategy Web 2.0

The Pareto Principle is nonsense.

In response to the current discussion on Techmeme and TailRank hipmojo writes that the Pareto principle is in play on the internet and that no matter how much we want it to be otherwise 80% of online advertising will go to 20% of the web sites. When the dust settles, the top 20% of websites will get 80% of ad revenues. It’s that simple. Portals might change in shape, form or nature, but whatever they represent loosely will still get the bulk of revenues and traffic. With respect, that is nonsense. Since the advent of Google Adsense the shape of

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edgeio Features Internet Strategy Web 2.0

De-portalization and Internet revenues

Last week Fred Wilson did a post on a phenomena he called de-portalization. I think he is right on the money. I just posted a piece on the edgeio blog that picks up on that theme and discusses the consequences of the trend. The top 10 consequences are: 1. The revenue growth that has characterized the Internet since 1994 will continue. But more and more of the revenue will be made in the foothills, not the mountains. 2. If the major destination sites want to participate in it they will need to find a way to be involved in the

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edgeio Search,

edgeio – is becoming a search engine, for “stuff”

Over at the edgeio blog I have posted the first insight into where we are going with edgeio search. It has been about 9 months since we launched edgeio. We now have a dedicated search team and this is their first push. It is not yet perfect but it is a vast improvement on what was there before (also significantly better than Googlebase search – which is a primary comparison for us). As the post says we have decided to go with the flow to some extent. Many listings based sites are uploading their listings to edgeio and we are

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announcement edgeio Internet

edgeio secures $5m series A financing

I may be biased but I think edgeio is one day going to be a great company 🙂 Well today we made a few announcements and several people have picked up on them. Firstly, we have secured a Series A round of financing, led by Intel Capital. Secondly we have launched a Chinese language web site at mulu100.com. Thirdly we have completed the filing of our patent application, originally initiated in October 2005. There is a lot more coming from us, and some of it quite soon. But this is a great day for me and my partners, Mike Arrington,

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Teare Family,

2006 FIFA World Cup

Yahoo has launched the official 2006 FIFA World Cup site at http://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com. It’s an awesome news site. Although I suspect ESPN’s Soccernet Site runs it close here Meanwhile, Archimedes Ventures (disclosure – that’s me) has launched The Soccer Channel. Over time we plan to evolve it into a soccer super site, covering all of the primary leagues in the world. It’s core is Drupal, which means it has blogs, stories, forums, and collaborative book writing. Think of it as the Fans site. Not mainly for news but for views. You can post text, pictures, video objects from Youtube, and file

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