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Teare Family,

Cape Town

I take the family to Cape Town each year around Thanksgiving. We have a home here – in St James, overlooking the Indian Ocean. My Wife, Gené is South African and the children’s grandparents and an Aunt live here.

This year is no exception and we set off on Saturday morning at 5.30am. We arrived in Cape Town (via New York; Dakar; Johanesburg) on Sunday evening at 10.15pm local time (12.15pm Pacific).

I have set up call forwarding of all my home phones to Skype (Skype in works great here; my number is +1-650-557-2086). I have also brought a Vonage router and my +1-650-331-1433 Vonage number works here. Calls back to the Bay Area are free. Awesome.

I’ll be working most of the time. We are 10 hours ahead of Pacific Time so you can usually find me in the office between 10pm Pacific through Midnight; and again at 8am Pacific through Noon.