Podtech.net launched

John Furrier has launched PodTech.net. It is described by John and his team as : “Fresh Voices of Silicon Valley, Technology, and Media�

The initial podcasts are from inside Barracuda Networks and Yahoo!.

Here’s wishing John all the best. He is one of the most creative people I have worked with. I hope he hits this one out of the park – like his Redsox did last year.

Here is John’s first post explaining Podtech.net:

“Develop New Relationships with Users – with Transparent Marketing
PodTech.net was inspired by the notion of putting out valuable information as a utility for users to consume.

Smart marketers are distributing their marketing information in the format that their prospects and customers use to consume Internet based information. Blogs and Podcasting are perfect for this new user consumption model.

Using podcasting and weblogs (blogs) companies can now take advantage of new marketing and sales channels for rapid communications of marketing messages, new product information, and sales services to reach new customers.

Implementing podcasting marketing executives can now syndicate your marketing messages, white papers, product information, case studies, analyst reports, and other important information faster and at lower costs then traditional online techniques. Most importantly add value to users through a candid transparent approach using blogs and podcasting.

Why use Podcasts and Blogs:
It’s the new interactive and real time format that users prefer to use when consuming information or media on the Internet.

Create instant presence and visibility for your new product introduction campaigns.
Take advantage of credible and effective techniques for demand and lead generation.
Interactive media format provides the best product and information experience and is ideal for a companies sales reps and customers.

Higher ROI through the lower costs to distribute of content.

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Keith Teare

Keith Teare is a Silicon Valley based, UK born, entrepreneur. He was involved at the founding of Accelerated Digital Ventures, Archimedes.Studio, RealNames and EasyNet. He was also founding shareholder in TechCrunch. He is US Managing Partner at ADV.

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  1. Podtech.net Launches

    A good friend of mine from the RealNames day, John Furrier, just launched Podtech.net. This is an interesting idea. Keith Teare post about it here. Good luck John!

    “About PodTech.net

    Podtech.net was inspired by the notion that blogs and podcasti…

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