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Month: April 2005

Internet Web 2.0


I was reading Dave Winer’s RSS weblog earlier this week. Dave said he hated ads in RSS feeds but that he might be seduced into subscribing to ad-only feeds if they were interesting to him. So ….. I got to thinking. What if we could create a club – like Costco almost – where bloggers and blog readers could be offered special deals by vendors. The more the demand the better the deal. With that in mind I have created an experiment. http://www.rssbuys.com is a site dedicated to bringing good offers to bloggers and blog readers alike. Maybe Scoble could

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Features Internet M&A

Building to sell?

Paid Content has an item today that comments on del.icio.us having gotton an investment from a group of notables, including Esther Dyson, Mark Andreesson and others its here. At the bottom of the piece, following a reminder that some of these investors were also in Flickr – recently sold to Yahoo, is the following commment: “Hard not to wonder if they’re in for the long haul or if this is a build-and-sell gig.” The implication – which I must admit I am imputing – is that there is something unsavoury about building to sell versus being “in for the long

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