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Charlene Li of Forrester on Search

Charlene Li of Forrester has a new Blog. I met Charlene briefly at Web 2.0. She has comments on the search panel – specifically noting the large agreement between the panelists on what the future direction of search is from a features and functionality point of view. Then she hits us with a killer comment:

“I don’t think the war will be won on features and functionality. Instead, the victor will be the company that is more comfortable with opening up their index and data from personalized profiles. By turning these assets into platforms for other companies to build on, they will solidify their role as central to people and also, to businesses.”

Brilliantly put. The very concept of a search engine is changing from a destination into a platform. Those who understand this will prosper. From this perpective Exalead have a really interesting product. Check out the rich API and scripting language that sits atop the search capabilities at http://www.exalead.com