UN Chief says Iraq war was illegal!

Iraq war was Illegal and breached UN charter, says Annan.

Too little too late I fear. The UN is now irrelevant. This is a bad fact for the US and the UK who now need it to help them in post-war Iraq, but that’s really just too bad. The UN has been revealed as a powerless talking shop. The world we are moving into is far more dangerous, and the UN’s decline is a symptom of that. Not since those dangerous episodes during the 20th century has the human race been subject to so dangerous trends. Nations are not pretending to cooperate with each other, they are pursuing unrestrained self-interest. For now, with the US clearly the most powerful nation on earth, this mainly has consequences for those the Bush administration chooses to target. But as China, France, Russia and Germany [sometimes together] begin to develop a coherent opposition to US actions the future may be more ugly.

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