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TUCOWS auction service

TUCOWS launched [ http://www.byte.org/blog/_archives/2004/9/7/136578.html ] an expiring names auction service today. The most interesting part of Ross’s post is this:

Today we announced Tucows expiring names auction service, a local implementation of the Perfect Information proposal (PIP?). What I mean is that it only realizes the efficiencies described in “Perfect Information” on a very local basis – i.e. it only works for names registered with Tucows. Because it is a “local” solution, it also lacks a few features that we set forth in “Perfect Information”. For instance, it doesn’t solve 100% of the problems faced by the registry and it doesn’t properly acknowledge the competitive ESP market.

These are very important aspects of the Perfect Information proposal that will only come about if *all* registrars can operate under a reasonably standard set of rules in a unified marketplace.We don’t have this today, but hopefully we will over time. In the meantime, Tucows auction service is our attempt to capitalize on some of the dynamics we recognize in the space while we work with the rest of the community on trying to sorting out the various moving parts that have to come into place before a global solution is realized.

I would say that this market is about to change very quickly into a more organized and rational one. For that to happen the registries and registrars need to come to agreement on a single solution. I do believe that will most likely occur now.

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