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Politics and Economics

“All the people I had shared my shelter with were dead!”

An amazing piece of journalism and a compelling story of the reality of Iraq.


The day after US helicopters killed many civilians – purportedly to save a Bradley fighting vehicle from being exposed to “the enemy” an eye witness, a British journalist from The Guardian, tells what happened.

It’s amazing to me that the Democratic nominee for President is being so craven in his support for a continued military presence in Iraq and an absolute failure in providing any opposition to the neocons (for that is who runs US Foreign policy today). The truth is that Iraq provides every argument you need to undermine the idea that a US led colonialism would be a good and stabilising force in the world.

Right now the Middle East is as unstable as I can remember – and I was 50 on August 27th, so I can remember a lot.

I can’t vote in the US election – I’m a Green Card holder, not a citizen. But if I could I would find it hard to vote for Kerry. He is a Bush in Kerry clothing as far as I can see. And the clothing ain’t that clever a disguise.