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Letter from Rome – Susan Crawford.

I have to agree with Susan. The world needs ICANN or something like ICANN. But it does not need ICANN to make decisions that are better left to the market. It needs ICANN to set a minimum level of rules and processes and then let business get on with what it does best, sorting out the winning models from the losing ones. ICANN would benefit from this.

I, for one, believe that no matter what one’s personal opinion of SiteFinder, WLS or multi-lingual domain names are, a registry – any registry – should be able to experiment with its business model and introduce new services so long as the underlying workings of IP numbering and DNS remain intact. The market will tell a registry whether or not it is a good idea. Registrars will not adopt services they do not benefit from, for example. And channels will dry up. So revenues will be low.

So, to my friends in ICANN, and even those who disagree, see this lawsuit, and the ITU rumblings as an opportunity to redress what ICANN is and allow business to be business. It can be done.

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