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Month: March 2004


Video Island lands Tesco deal

My good friend Saul Klein has been running Video Island since the beginning. He is one of the best marketers I have ever worked with. Video Island (UK based Netflix competitor) has now landed a deal with supermarket chain Tesco. A great win. Congrats Saul. The story – from The Register – is here. Video Island is here.

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Letter from Rome – Susan Crawford.

I have to agree with Susan. The world needs ICANN or something like ICANN. But it does not need ICANN to make decisions that are better left to the market. It needs ICANN to set a minimum level of rules and processes and then let business get on with what it does best, sorting out the winning models from the losing ones. ICANN would benefit from this. I, for one, believe that no matter what one’s personal opinion of SiteFinder, WLS or multi-lingual domain names are, a registry – any registry – should be able to experiment with its business

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Santa Cruz Networks,

The Future of Communications

I thought it was a very good piece. with excellent clarity. It defines companies as falling into two groups. Plan ‘A’ and Plan ‘B’. The first are companies focussed on interoperability with the phone system. The second are pure computer-to-computer players. Santa Cruz Networks (my new company) is very definitely in the ‘Plan B’ space. We provide the network devices necessary to enable a service provider to offer voice video and data communications, to individuals or groups, over IP. Our platform is a true many-to-many platform. Edge devices need no more than 100k of bandwidth, no matter how many people

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