Month: July 2003

  • NWFusion article on Real Time Communications (RTC)

    “Santa Cruz Networks is looking to give service providers the ability to offer video, voice, messaging and presence applications with its Multi-point Real-Time Communications (RTC) Platform, announced this week at the Always On 2003 Summit in Palo Alto, Calif. ” Good overview article on Santa Cruz Networks RTC Platform in Network World

  • RSS 0.91 and RSS 2.0 Feeds

    I have now created 2 RSS Feeds. On is RSS 0.91. It is at The other is RSS 2.0, it is at Enjoy!

  • Santa Cruz Networks named one of Top 100 Private Companies of 2003

    The AlwaysOn Network has named us as one of the Top 100 Private Companies of 2003. I will be speaking on a panel at “The Innovation Summit” next week. A great start to an exciting period ahead. The official announcement of the company will take place at the conference.

  • CamBlog

    I am now the proud owner of a Nokia 3650. It has a camera built in. It can post directly to “Text America” – creating a camblog. Here is mine