Wayward friends

It isn’t usually my style but I’ve got to say that Nick Denton – who I like and respect – is talking pure Bushshit. This is no liberation Nick. This is a new imperialism. The world’s biggest and only superpower uses a tiny fraction of its awesome might to crush a way smaller nation. If this is liberation then lookout world. The new Rome is coming to free you.

Where did the “right of nations to self determination” – the international equivalent of democracy – go? Who gave the US and the UK the right to decide what is good and what is evil? Who gave us the right to have nuclear bombs and chemical weapons but deny others based on the only discernible difference – that we are good and “they” are “evil”.

Wake up – this is a disaster for the human race. An aggressive superpower with no repect for national borders. It isn’t OK just because Saddam was a bad guy.

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Keith Teare

Keith Teare is a Silicon Valley based, UK born, entrepreneur. He was involved at the founding of Accelerated Digital Ventures, Archimedes.Studio, RealNames and EasyNet. He was also founding shareholder in TechCrunch. He is US Managing Partner at ADV.