Moral Superiority and Racial Accusations

Nick, this sounds positively racist to me – As a Brit [me too], I don’t think we can talk about other races having a proclivity to massacre others . Our fathers and grandfathers spent many years doing just that. Any idea how many Iraqi’s were killed in the first mustard bomb attacks in Iraq – executed by Winston Churchill in the 1920s? And if I was American I might point to the recent US invasions in Panama and Somalia as good examples of US’s ability to kill large numbers of non-compliant foreigners. Not to mention Israel’s consistent policy of kill first ask questions later. Equating being Arab with being prone to any behavioral characteristics is by definition racist. Ignoring that others have those characteristics makes it seem consciously so.  There is no moral high ground here, and no racial explanations that make any sense either. What gives?

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Keith Teare

Keith Teare is a Silicon Valley based, UK born, entrepreneur. He was involved at the founding of Accelerated Digital Ventures, Archimedes.Studio, RealNames and EasyNet. He was also founding shareholder in TechCrunch. He is US Managing Partner at ADV.