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Supernova 2002

Kevin Werbach has a conference coming up in December. It is the 9th-10th in Palo Alto. The website explains:

“Supernova is a new conference exploring the distributed future. With the bursting of the Internet bubble, businesses, end-users, investors, and technology vendors face a bewildering array of challenges. Yet a common theme runs through the fundamental questions facing software, communications, and media. That theme is decentralization.

Intelligence is moving to the edges, through networked computers, empowered users, shifting partnerships, fluid digital content, distributed work teams, and powerful communications devices. Each industry sees only a small piece of the picture. Supernova is the first event to bring these threads together. Those who understand the business opportunities, technical underpinnings, and policy implications of decentralization will have a competitive advantage in any economy.

Supernova is a joint production of pulver.com and renowned technology analyst Kevin Werbach. As the editor of Esther Dyson’s legendary Release 1.0 and co-organizer of the exclusive PC Forum, Werbach explored the companies, technologies and trends that shaped the Internet revolution. With Supernova, he is using his insights and access to assemble a uniquely valuable event. No sales pitches, no empty hype. Just ideas, examples, and networking that can make you and your organization more effective.

At Supernova, you’ll hear from industry leaders such as Google co-founder Sergey Brin, commentator Clay Shirky, Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff, and visionary Howard Rheingold. Senior executives of Microsoft and IBM will describe their next-generation architectures. We’ll explore the critical challenges of collaborative business, the promise and peril of Web services, the wholesale rethinking of telecommunications infrastructure, and the conflicts over digital media. And we’ll use the very technologies we talk about, such as Weblogs, streaming video, and WiFi wireless LANs.

As bad as the market outlook may be, can you afford not to have a strategy? Somewhere between yesterday’s irrational exuberance and today’s reactionary pessimism lies tomorrow’s strategic wisdom. Now is the time to understand the future. Supernova is the place.”

My wife Gené will give birth to our second child on or around the 7th so I’m not sure I will be there. However, I hope to be. The theme of decentralization and technology is a great theme. Issues of how to evolve the network into a utility for the future of human interaction really revolves around that theme. If you can go do!

The web site is at http://www.pulver.com/supernova/ and Kevin’s weblog is at http://www.werblog.com.

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