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Space to Compete

Sean Gallagher has some interesting things to say about competing with Microsoft. He hints at a new architecture for an operating system. Storage moving to the center seems to be part of the catalyst for this. OS X [which I love] gets a very positive mention.

Its here

I have to say – without assuming Sean is saying the same thing – that I do believe there is space for a new OS. Lets face it, the distributed, collaborative, message based, real-time world we live in is so different from the one in which even Windows XP was conceived that a new OS would have some great developments to leverage off. Put the network at the center and build apps on top would seem to be the core of it.

At the same time, Microsoft has it right as regards “rich clients”. Users have enormous power at their disposal and should be able to make use of it in a way that a thin client approach doesn’t address.

So, think of iSync and .Mac married to iMovie and iDVD, plus hosting and a next generation of Weblog software, all sitting on top of http, ftp, imap, ldap, with a modern ID system, directory service and search technology. And P2P too.

Anybody wanna play?

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