IE – more growth!

Kevin Werbach has commented on Microsoft’s IE market share.

I left the following comment:

“IE has become – defacto – a piece of infrastructure. It is no less a gateway to content and services than Windows is a gateway to applications.

In the world of web services – where binding the browser to a service will be a decision for Microsoft – the message should be “service-providers beware”.

As you know, I think that imposes on Microsoft a responsibility to act in a certain way. IMHO what happened to RealNames is the first of an inevitable series of examples of Microsoft leveraging the browser monopoly to resist innovation it does not benefit sufficiently from.

Take a look at what happens when you type Keywords in IE now – an MSN search result with paid for links. This is old technology that they own and monetize [search] being favored by Microsoft against a new innovation that they neither own nor 100% monetize [natural language navigation].

I know this is beating a drum that is virtually dead but there are big issues here.


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