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Teare Family,


Well, I am now back from a 2 week family reunion in Mallorca, Spain. First time many of the 18 people have seen each other for 4 years. Great fun.

…And on my return I can confirm that Internet Keywords were switched off on 28 June. Try typing any well known brand in the browser and you will be presented with a Microsoft interstitial advertising page. Direct navigation from a name to a page is gone. This really sucks as a user experience. Apart from the end of direct navigation the results are totally inconsistent. Sometimes MSN has a “top pick” that is the right destination [not very often if my early experiments are anything to go by], sometimes there is an MSN top pick delivered by LookSmart, often there is no good match at all. Yuck! It makes no intellectual sense that this is their alternative to RealNames so there are only 2 possibilities. One, something more will emerge over time, or two, the search guys at MSN really believe their own hype – that this is a good user experience.

9:36:48 PM