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I love this John Dvorak comment:


Although accountants are needed in any business, they’re supposed to advise the company, not run it. If a CEO doesn’t want to listen to the CFO and goes off spending like crazy, finally going broke, that’s the CEO’s fault. And if the CEO lets the CFO run the company into the ground because of overly conservative ideas that do nothing but barely keep the company afloat, that’s also the CEO’s fault. Since the CEO is always going to be blamed, at least the CEO should make his or her own mistakes. What I’m seeing more and more are CEOs who have lost confidence in their own companies and have turned over all the thinking to the CFOs. Most real marketing people have been replaced with CFO clones. The CFOs then bring in more people who think like them (one bean, two beans, three beans). Everyone is now talking ROI. Hey, sell the company and buy municipal bonds if you don’t want to take risks or do anything. Hello… hello? Earth to Silicon Valley!

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