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RealNames Asset Sales

RealNames Corp. has created several Executive Summaries that describe the services, including intellectual property, software and hardware, that will be sold as part of the liquidation of the corporationês assets.  These summaries describe RealNamesê:

  • Alliance Keyword Program

  • Contact Card

  • Enterprise Keyword System

  • Global Keyword Platform

  • Internationalized Domain Names Resolution Platform

  • ML.ML Internet Naming Platform

  • Wireless Keyword Platform

  • RealNames Patent 6,151,624

The summaries also outline the bidding procedures for the asset sale.  Bids will be accepted until June 27, 2002.

To start the process of qualifying to participate in the asset sale, please send mail to

11:33:14 PM

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Keith Teare

Keith Teare is a Silicon Valley based, UK born, entrepreneur. He was involved at the founding of Accelerated Digital Ventures, Archimedes.Studio, RealNames and EasyNet. He was also founding shareholder in TechCrunch. He is US Managing Partner at ADV.