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Microsoft/RealNames, realnames Strategy

Open Win API Emails

Many emails, some of which make the same point – that OpenWin API would just be another JAVA (See emails below).


To be clear – I am not proposing an interpreted code environment with its own language. I am proposing a series of API’s that are bundled together and can be assumed to be on many Windows machines. These API’s – like Microsoft’s own .NET Framework – would allow developers to build code on top of them. The difference would be that these API’s would sit between applications – such as IE – and the OS.


Microsoft’s ability to hard code its applications to the OS, and to its own web services, like MSN Search, would be heavily constrained if not made impossible.


The API’s would include open and standards based code for key services like web navigation, dns resolution, search, white and yellow page directory services, authentication, messaging, alerts, p2p file sharing and so on.


By organizing the collective distribution power of all those with an interest in an open OS and web services infrastructure, Microsoft’s OS domination could be made irrelevant – without having to distribute a competing OS.


I’ll follow up with more on this – maybe some diagrams – during the next few days.