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Microsoft/RealNames, realnames

Madam Hu Email

Madam Hu Qiueng has sent the following email this morning. Madam Hu is a highly respected and senior figure in China. And the most senior in the Chinese Internet.


From: Qiheng HU,

Email: Qiheng HU, qhhu@public.bta.net.cn

Dear steveb

This is writing Madam Hu Qiheng, President of the Internet Society of China, the former Vice President of Chinese Academy of Sciences. As you may know, the Keyword service has been well recognized by the Internet users in China.To my knowledge,the Keyword technology is extremely helpful for people who don’t speak English in accessing the web. I believe that your decision to stop supporting Keyword is not a correct one even for Microsoft either. While there will be prospective market in the long term, why should you decide to stop this win-win collaboration?

Microsoft is a highly respected Corporation in the world as well as in China. I hope that you’ll reconsider this issue and make your partner and your users happy.

Best regads!

Qiheng HU,