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I updated the site tonight to include permanent links to the key documents. You will find them listed on the right of the page in the navigation section.
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Word on the street is that there was misinformation in Redmond about RealNames business viability. Here are the facts:

RN is a real business
RealNames is succeeding financially – with three successive quarters of revenue growth, RealNames reached cash flow positive in January 2002.  RealNames revenue grew from $13 million in 2001 to a run rate in Q1 that would have led to a $24+ million revenue year in 2002.

Keywords are favored by internet users
RealNames Keywords are gaining dramatic momentum- Keyword usage saw a ten fold increase in usage over the last 24 months, and still growing.  Internet users typed 500 million Keywords into the browser in Q1 2002.

RN Channel of Keyword resellers is strong
RealNames has momentum building a two tier sales channel that sold Keywords around the world – in the first year, the companyês channel grew to 86 tier one managing more than 700 Keyword resellers in 44 countries.

Chinese and other Asian internet markets are damaged by this 
Yesterday, on Anchordesk, David Coursey said,  –Boy, you would think a company that wants to be involved heavily in China would not want to be known for shutting off the ability to type in the Chinese language as a web address.

 RealNames Keywords are the only multi-lingual Web addressing solution that allows Asian internet users to access the web using their own languages in the browser with no plugin – Keywords have seen strong adoption in China, Japan and Korea.  

There is tremendous momentum in China once we gained a China partner in December 2001–Keyword sales from China grew from 9% of Keyword unit sales to 36% of unit sales in Q1 02, on a growing base of unit sales overall.

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