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Another of many emails from China – this one sent to Bill Gates.


Hi Bill:

I am Joseph Zhu, Vice President of HiChina Web Solutions Limited. HiChina is the largest web hosting company in China with more than 300,000 domain name and site hosting customers. With the sudden announcement of termination of MS contract with Realnames, our more than 10,000 Internet Keyword customers feel cheated and shortchanged. Haier Group, China’s counterpart of GE, has written to us enquiring about the consequences of this termination. They have registered more than 20 Internet Keywords and spent much money promoting their usage. But Haier is just one of the victims. Many other businesses around China have also adopted the Internet Keyword as their online brand extensions. I think this has already caused a lot of bad publicity for Microsoft. It confirms the widespread perception that Microsoft wants to monoplize the Internet and you do not care about the interests of the average consumers, although personally I like your company very much.

Also you know, hundreds of thousands of Multilingual domain names (offered by Verisign) are resolving using Realname’s service, which will come to an end in June. The users(visitors using MDNs), domain name registrants and domain name service providers like HiChina will feel being robbed.

Please give some more considerations to your prior decision. Thanks for your attention. Sincerely Joseph Zhu

Joseph Zhu Vice President, Business DevelopmentHICHINA


Add: 13/F., Building C, Fuhua Mansion, No.8 Chaoyangmen

North Avenue Dongcheng District, Beijing 100027, China

Tel: 86-10-65547878 Ext.8102

Mobile phone: 86-13701217542

Fax: 86-10-65542394

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