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I just want to tell you how sorry I am that Microsoft chose not to renew the contract.  You were doing important global work to make the Internet easier to use and if they were smart, Microsoft would have “embraced and extended” your vision as their own.

I’m happy to hear that Asian companies are in touch with them to make clear the ramifications of shutting down the service.  And that VeriSign is now focused on the issue of how to resolve their IDNs.  Perhaps something positive can still be salvaged from the situation.

I was pleased to see Esther and Stuart’s support of your work and the fair reporting on the topic.  After reading through your statement, I also want to applaud your taking the high road of informing rather than outright condemning Microsoft’s actions. Placing the dispute in the realm of control of the infrastructure and a possible backing away from the .NET open commitment is, I think, accurate, and may be beneficial to the industry and Microsoft itself as it considers the proper role for the company to play moving forward.  Your words are thoughtful and concerned, rather than petty, and do justice to the higher issues.

I believe in the RealNames mission and in your vision.  I’m sad that just as the company was on the verge of sustained success, everything was shutdown.  Hopefully, in the way you have handled the news, you have caused people to think seriously about the action and some good may yet come of it.

I look forward to hearing you on CNET at noon.  Good luck!

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