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I got hundreds of good will emails today. Here is one that really spoke to me:

Max Swanson [1] sent this email to you through the Radio UserLand [2] community server, re this page [3].

No expectation of a response, but please allow me to express my shock at Microsoft’s behavior. It seems quite arbitrary, but you’ve very likely hit it on the head by saying, “What is shared cannot be controlled.”

As a blind computer user making use of assistive technology which includes speech synthesis, screen-interpreting software and every keyboard command available in Windows and other apps, I feel that a key word scheme could have been of real benefit in tandem with these tools. Who knows? Perhaps a voice-generated set of digitally encoded phonemes could serve as a key word or “real name” via your platform.

Didn’t it occur to M.S. that AOL built its early dominance largely on key words?

I’m just an end-user; so these technical musings may be way off. The main thing is that your efforts have been nulified with such unfeeling dispatch.

All my best to you and your associates, and may your innovative spirit continue to enrich the community.
10:30:37 PM

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Keith Teare

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