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Part 2 with Brett Knutson from Sharing Startups interviewing me about Entrepreneurship.

Chat Center Re-brands and focuses on business use

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Chat Center launched

My TechCrunch Posts

Here you are, my TechCrunch posts –

The Opinionated! Essay – Number 1 – The Startup Valley of Death

The Opinionated! Essay – Number 1 – The Startup Valley of Death. updates

Facebook Home Design Process

TechCrunch writer Josh Constine published a wonderful article and accompanying video about the Facebook Home design process.

The reason it is so good is that it really goes to the heart of what a social smartphone needs to be thinking about.

Of course this is a problem close to my heart, and as a project is addressing many of the same fundamental issues.

The key is to understand that to personalize the smartphone the address book, and the interactions with people in it, are the center of a persons real life. These interactions should also be at the center of their smartphones UI. Today this isn’t the case with either iOS or Android. As Facebook says, they are app centric. Google Now and Googles Notification Center are both promising points of integration for a very different experience. So too is Apples “Today” screen in iOS7. It is likely that the future mobile OS will look more like Home than it does like today’s UI’s. It is unlikely that Facebook will own that experience however. Owning an OS is a pre-condition.

The Video is here, for the article go to TechCrunch –

Realtime Twitter responses to my TechCrunch article

I wrote a piece for TechCrunch over the weekend. It has been quite well received.

Here is the real time feedback from Twitter: